New Manager? Surprising Advice on How to Take Over from a Bad Boss

Taking on the management of a new team can be challenging just in itself…but imagine how difficult it would be to take over a team that was poorly managed and dysfunctional. Even more reason to seek the advice of new manager training experts.

Surprisingly, they recommend the same approach for taking over a well-oiled and productive team: tread lightly at first. Do not assume that your role will be easier because of the incompetence of the previous manager.  Instead follow best practice advice even more closely and thoughtfully for the mismanaged team.

What does this mean in real activities for the new manager?

  • Stop, look and listen before you head out into the traffic of day-to-day business. Don’t rush in and make quick judgments as to what should be done to get the team back on track. Talk with individual team members to learn what concerns they have.
  • Appreciate what they have experienced and work together to address existing issues in order of importance before you implement any of your own changes.
  • Pull the team together and gain their trust before you launch your personal plan for improvement.