Mix Up Your Management Style to Succeed

Hopefully any new supervisor and new manager training that has been provided for you in your new management role has included an assessment of your preferred working style.

As a result you know how you communicate most comfortably and also how you come across to your employees. You know whether you tend to “drive” performance or “encourage” it. The question is…which approach is most productive and most apt to foster employee engagement and productivity?

Experts recommend that you mix your styles.

If you would typically demand a lot from your employees, perhaps you should set the goals with a dose of understanding that the work ahead is challenging and you are willing to help as needed. If you would typically work toward developing your employees and encouraging their progress, perhaps you should set higher goals that demand special effort.

Strive for a kind of tough and fair love that shows your team that you expect a great deal from them but are glad to provide support when they need it.