A Winning Strategy for New Managers

A businessman stands on the #1 podium holding a gold trophy

New manager training is a must for newly promoted individual contributors. There is much to learn as you shift from individual contributor to leader. Now you are in charge of managing the performance of your team members and are responsible for achieving your team’s goals. Your success is now dependent upon the success of others.

But many of the skills you now need to adopt can be boiled down into the following strategy for successful management. Make sure each employee:

  • Is clear about how their success and failure will be measured. Make sure that performance expectations are clear, understood, transparent, accurate, relevant and believable.
  • Is clear about their role on the team. You cannot expect people to perform according to your expectations if you have not adequately explained the specific role you want them to play and how their work contributes to the team and overall objectives.
  • Is clear about their tasks.  Make sure that your direct reports can articulate the various tasks for which they are responsible and how their performance contributes to the success of the team and, ultimately, the company.

When you clearly define the performance expectations, roles and responsibilities of individual team members, you are able to measure performance and make adjustments as needed. This is how effective managers keep teams productive and on track.

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