Launching a Well-Oiled Team

As with machinery that has multiple gears, the better coordinated the members of a team the more smoothly it runs.

As a new manager, assuming that you have filled all the roles needed to get the job done, what else will help you “lubricate the gears” so your team is as successful as possible in reaching goals?
  1. Create a trusting environment. In order for a team to communicate openly about any manner of obstacles, members must trust one another. Each member needs to feel that others are doing their job and, if not, be able to ask what’s getting in the way so they can support one another and solve problems together.

  2. Set clear expectations. Each team member should be able to articulate not only his own role but also the roles of others in the agreed-upon goal. Fuzziness breeds confusion and clogs the works.

  3. Acknowledge mistakes, learn from them and move on. No long-term finger-pointing allowed. Assigning blame and bearing grudges are fast ways to lower team morale and productivity.