Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How New Manager Training Prevents Failure

How New Manager Training Prevents Failure
Too many new managers end up struggling (even failing) in the beginning and are only able to correct course after learning important and hard-earned lessons on-the-job.

Some fail so badly they are either fired or entirely give up on managing others. There is a very simple problem which leads to hard working and dedicated individual contributors failing; managing people is a whole different ballgame than being a successful individual contributor. In fact, someone who is a high performer as an individual contributor does not necessarily have the skills and attitude required to effectively lead others; conversely, someone who isn’t a top performer at ‘the job’ may be an effective new manager.

With the right New Manager Training, companies can ensure that new managers will be set up to succeed without having to learn so many hard lessons on the job that can decrease team engagement and performance.

The Objective of New Manager Training

The objective of New Manager Training is quite simple. The training aims to illuminate and train people to understand the requirements of successfully managing others at your company, for your unique business strategy and corporate culture.

A new manager’s success is dependent upon the success of their team.  Dealing with people is hard; making sure they stay motivated and keep performing at their highest level is not an easy task. It requires understanding how to bring people with different points of view and different motivations together to strive toward a common objective. It requires understanding that a manager needs to be decisive and confident without being arrogant. It requires understanding that good management means conflict resolution and a keen focus on the company’s objectives and cultural norms.

It is unfair to everyone if the organization makes someone a manager without providing them with proper New Manager Training. It is unfair to the person being made the manager because they are being given responsibility without guidance and support to handle it. It is unfair to the people reporting to the new manager because they will not be set up to succeed. It is unfair to the organization itself because it results in lower performance and lower employee engagement.

There are some people who are naturally good leaders.  Unfortunately those people are few and far between. If you want your managers to hit the ground running and raise team performance, give them the right training so they have a chance to become the good leader you need.

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