5 Keys to Successful Performance Management

If you want better performance from your employees, the following four statements may surprise you:
  • Forget about making managers' lives easier
  • Dump your performance appraisal and "coach" moniker
  • Shift accountability away from employees
  • Stop paying them off
While these statements may seem to contradict what you have heard about successful performance management practices, we have found that the following five practices break away from conventional thinking to help solve the age old problem of the cumbersome, ineffective, and often ridiculed performance management practices.
  1. Train Managers to Manage and Employees to Participate—Don’t Skip Basic Management Practices

  2. Eliminate Performance Appraisals, Reviews, and the “Coach” Moniker—Focus on Performance Conversations

  3. Create the Performance Management Systems for Performers, not Managers

  4. Expect Performance Congruency between Managers and Reports

  5. Emphasize Intrinsic Motivation and Deemphasize Compensation and Reward
Benchmark your performance management practices now.