Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Ask - Helping Your Direct Reports to Succeed

Managing is no longer a one-way street. The old-fashioned hierarchical style of management no longer works to get consistently high performance.

As a new manager, your success depends upon the success of those who report to you.

The first step is to ask - “How can I best support your success?”

Then be ready to truly listen to the answer and to do something about it. The key is not to be patronizing but to be sincere in your intention to help. At worst, you will have opened the door to future, frank communications. At best, there will be tangible steps you can take to help.

Some new managers stay out of the way of their employees (especially when things are going well) because they don’t want to interfere or hover. But think about how welcome a gesture of support would feel to an employee

  • who is struggling or

  • who needs a morale boost or
  • who feel under appreciated or

  • who would welcome help in obtaining more resources to get the job done
Your direct reports need to know what to expect from you and what you expect from them. Be clear, be consistent, and make sure you know how you can best help them to succeed personally and professionally.

Benchmark your management practices now.

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