5 Ways New Managers Can Keep Their Employees Happy

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One of the greatest sources of angst for new managers is whether or not their team will “like” them. What they should tell you in new manager training is that the best managers are great not because they win popularity contests but because they know how to keep their teams happy to come to work and be productive.

 What do the best managers do that poor managers do not? We know that much turnover is caused by people’s unhappiness with their direct boss. So it matters a lot that managers, especially new managers, know how to keep their employees highly engaged in their work.

Our two decades of work with our managers and their teams have led us to the following five recommendations for managing others so they thrive, not simply stay and survive:

1. Recognize extraordinary effort and results.
Make sure you show your appreciation for work that is over and above expectations. Your recognition should match the accomplishment and the individual who earned the kudos. For some, a simple pat on the back is sufficient; others may prefer more public acknowledgement or a more tangible reward like a bonus or day off.

2. Show you truly care.
Take time with individual employees so that you get to know them on both a personal and professional level. Understand what motivates them on the job and what interests they have off the job. Show that you care about your employees beyond how productive they are. And don’t overwork them. Only increase their workload if you find a way to compensate them meaningfully.

3. Maintain performance standards.
Set and make very clear your performance expectations for each job role. And then hold each employee accountable. If you hold on to sub-standard performers, you will quickly lose your top talent. By all means, try to support employees who need it but, if they do not measure up after a reasonable time and effort, find them another role…perhaps elsewhere.

4. Always honor your commitments.
Set the example you want your employees to follow of doing what you say you are going to do. Do not promise what you cannot deliver. It will be noticed and, if you lack integrity, your employees will soon follow suit.

5. Build and develop talent.
Start by hiring the right talent for the job and then find ways to develop and challenge them. High performers want to grow and they do best when they can follow their strengths and their passions. Find out what they are good at and what they like to do. Simply play to their strengths and then offer them opportunities to stretch creatively and intellectually. Give them specific and timely feedback on a regular basis so they can monitor their own growth. This is the way to nurture top talent and harness the energy of a high performing, successful team.

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