Friday, October 31, 2014

You Cannot Succeed as a New Manager Without These 6 Key Skills

There are six key skills identified by new manager training experts that you cannot succeed without.

If you don’t come by them naturally, you had better find a training program and coach who can help you develop them…that is, if you aspire to a management position.

  1. Teaming: The know-how to develop strong relationships, build a team, influence others and resolve conflict
  1. Motivating: The ability to motivate and develop team members for high performance
  1. Decision Making: An understanding of business savvy—politics, decision making, problem solving, prioritizing, and organizing
  1. Communicating: The ability to communicate with clarity and power
  1. Financial Analyzing: Financial skills so you can put together a budget and analyze financial reports
  1. Project Managing: Basic project management skills to plan and execute projects successfully
Good managers are worthy of great respect. In fact they are the life-blood of successful businesses—the foundation for smooth, profitable operations and happy employees.

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