Conflict from Corporate Culture Clashes

Mergers, acquisitions and new partnerships are ripe ground for conflict. You need to plan carefully for change and provide new supervisor training to prepare your managers for the bumpy road ahead.

When an established larger company, for example, merges with a younger, more aggressive company, the two cultures inevitably clash. Appropriate intervention is needed to integrate the more staid group with the younger company’s more innovative business style.

There is also the problem created when people brought into an overall organization are treated like second-class citizens by existing employees. The new arrivals feel this arrogance and are likely to leave the company and take with them the expertise that prompted the acquisition initially.

However, in an Engaged Organization, where commitment is valued over compliance, this does not happen. Managers within the parent company who have been exposed to new supervisor training are effective at communicating the rationale for acquisitions and gaining authentic buy-in from all his team members.