New Supervisors Understanding Conflict from a Team Perspective

To be a successful, new supervisors and managers must understand and deal effectively with conflict - because conflict is inevitable. By providing new supervisor training, your managers can learn to:
  • Look at conflict with a new attitude
  • Shift the effect on the team that you are managing from corrosive to energizing
New supervisors can learn to "revision" conflict and to convert it from an impediment to an opportunity. New managers can see it not as bad but as inevitable. Well positioned new manager training should teach supervisors the skills to anticipate conflict and treat it as momentary while understanding how to resolve rather than avoid or deny it.

If you sense conflict, model this approach. Call the team together and ask if they, too, are feeling discomfort. Talk about what to look for. Plan to touch base again to share the data gathered.

Your team will feel more connected and more focused on learning together how to identify conflict and harvest the underlying opportunities.