To Succeed - Learn to Delegate

Most new managers and supervisors grumble about having too much work and too little time, but few effectively delegate to balance the load. A potential sign of ineffective delegation is if you are working long hours and feel indispensable - while your team goes home on time.

As an individual contributor, you worked hard and were good at what you did…you earned a promotion to manager.

Now, all of a sudden you have a team that reports to you and a whole new series of goals that depend not just on you but on your entire team. In your new role, your success is dependent upon the success of others.

It is clear that you will need the full cooperation and commitment of your team members to achieve your targets. The key will be to delegate – a highly effective and extremely underutilized new manager skill.

Here is how:

  1. Prioritize and Play to Strengths: Draw up a prioritized list of the key tasks, a list of your team members with their strengths and skills, and match them up as best you can.

  2. Be Clear about Success: Call your team together and clearly outline the goals you must reach.

  3. Get Buy-In: Meet with each team member individually to explain the task you have assigned them. Ask for their commitment to complete the task within the required time frame.

  4. Offer Support: Without hovering, check in periodically to see if they need any additional help or resources.

  5. Monitor Progress and Create Accountability: Hold group meetings to gauge progress and build a sense of common purpose.