Are You A Good Boss?

In the eyes of employees, good bosses are the exception.

According to a recent study, only 36% of Americans are happy at their job and close to 60% of Americans say they would do a better job if they got along better with their boss. As a new manager, the odds are not in your favor.

To avoid becoming a bad boss right out of the gate, focus on a few core areas that research says your employees need in order to thrive:
  • Clarify the 5 P’s. Employees want their managers to be crystal clear about where the organization is going (Picture), why it is going there (Purpose), how it will get there (Plan), their specific role in reaching the destination (Part), what is in it for them if they help make it happen (Payoff).

  • Fix Stuff. Your direct reports want you to quickly identify current and potential problems and solve them in a way that does not impede their success.

  • Provide Opportunities. Study after study shows that employees want support for their professional development and career growth in a way that matches their personal aspirations and strengths.

  • Inspire and Support. Lastly, your direct reports want you to motivate them to great heights while consistently providing high levels of support and having their backs in both good and bad times.