It Makes Sense to Create Happy Employees as a New Manager

Happy and engaged employees are more productive, satisfy more customers, and drive higher profits.

Conversely, the Gallup Organization found that discontented employees disengage from their jobs and cost the American economy up to $350 billion a year in lost productivity.

As a new manager, the impact of unhappy employees hits much closer to home in terms of unwanted attrition, missed deadlines, increased employee relations issues – and eventually – performance problems for you in the eyes of your boss. Remember, as a manager now, your achievements are no longer predicated upon your personal accomplishments. Your success is 100% dependent upon the collective success of your direct reports.

To better engage your employees remember these simple tips:
  • Greater Reason Why. There is a proven correlation between engagement and meaning. Make sure that your employees understand what they are doing and why it is important to you, the company, and their career. Clarity is powerful.

  • Opportunities for Growth. Most high achieving employees want challenges and job advancement (or at least movement.) Working in different areas and being provided with the opportunity to learn and develop increases job satisfaction. Status quo, on the other hand, creates stagnation.

  • Appreciation. All employees want acknowledgement and praise for a job well done in a way that is fair, consistent, and makes sense for them on a personal level. Spend the time to understand and reward your direct reports in a meaningful manner.