Manager Competencies - How to Sift for the Gold

Much has been written about the competencies, attributes and qualities that make a good manager. We also know how critical a good manager can be in attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent.

The multitude of books and articles have made the process of finding good managers sound rather complicated. On the contrary, we think it should be relatively easy to identify those employees who will succeed as managers.

When you are charged with “sifting for the gold,” look for the following six managerial traits:
  1. Good communication skills: both verbal (to connect clearly and develop a rapport with team members) and written (for the many reports required of management). This includes being a good listener as exemplified by understanding what is being said and written.

  2. Common sense and smarts: ability to use facts and experience to make sound judgments, formulate opinions, and consider reasonable alternatives

  3. Upbeat attitude: displaying a positive outlook and pleasant demeanor while expecting the best and showing passion and excitement in their work

  4. Initiative: pro-actively taking decisive action and responsibility for dealing with problems as they arise, making things happen, and doing more than what is expected

  5. Reflective: investing time to consider all aspects of an issue and capable of accurately perceiving situations and context

  6. Goal-oriented: energized by the challenge to achieve results, works with the end in mind, and identifies and overcomes barriers