Why Managers Struggle to Manage

Most new managers, especially those recently promoted to management, struggle in their role.

They may have read about what it takes to manage effectively but find it is much harder to put those skills into practice. After all, they were probably noticed and then promoted for their superior technical expertise, not their managerial ability.

Having operated successfully in their previous position, they now feel incompetent in this new role and actually dislike managing. In this they are in the majority. In a recent survey by Berrett-Koehler of one hundred and fifty leaders, 68% really did not like being managers. What can be done?
  1. First, recognize that no one managerial style is correct. Learn what style works best for you so you can capitalize on your strengths. The key is to be authentic and true to yourself. 
  2. Then you can evaluate the styles of those on your team to understand the most effective way to communicate with, motivate and engage them for positive results.