Strategize to Win

Successful leaders craft wise strategies…strategies that win. This may be one of the most difficult aspects of leadership for new managers. From new supervisor and new manager training they understand intellectually how to strategize but they are inexperienced in designing strategies that put them ahead of the competition.

They have learned that business strategy consists first of determining the playing field…not only geographically, but also which products to offer, which customers to target and how to reach the market most effectively. The second critical determination is how to win there.

You need to construct your strategy in a way that will differentiate your offerings so you are not competing toe-to-toe with others in the same arena. Find your advantage and build on it. Can you deliver product at a lower price? Faster? Can you offer superior customer service? Higher quality? Better guarantees?

Identify what it is about your product and your delivery that distinguishes you in the marketplace. Then build your go-to-market strategy upon that distinction. That is the way to win.