New Managers Need to Know Their Team

As a new manager or supervisor, the better you understand the working styles of your team members, the better you will be able to manage them successfully.

Once you have analyzed where you as a manager fit on the “thinker/feeler” personality continuum, take a close look at the individuals on your team. Where do they fit? Only then will you be able to devise a strategy for communicating with them that will guide them toward making good decisions and motivate them toward their best job performance.

Based upon new manager training best practices, recognize that you will need to be flexible in your approach. One team member may need regular positive reinforcement during a project. Another may prefer the structure of a schedule and guidelines. The goal is to determine the best way to elicit top productivity from your team members. What works for one (close supervision and regular praise) may not work for another who prefers working more independently.

It is up to you as manager to adapt to the styles of your team members and thus to improve both their engagement and team results.