The Mind-Shift Required for First-Time Managers

Besides the obvious increased responsibility, when you earn the title of manager after doing well as an individual contributor, you need to undergo a complete mind-shift.

You knew what to expect from your job before. Now you are out of your comfort zone with a whole team looking to you for guidance. Step up to and enjoy the challenge of leadership.

Here are some new supervisor and new manager training tips to transform the way you think about and act on your job.
  1. Vision and Strategy.  No longer are you simply carrying out someone else’s plans. Now it is you who are in charge of creating them.
  2. Focus and Prioritization.  Tasks are no longer yours to accomplish alone. You need to decide and communicate to your team which tasks are most important to achieving the team’s overall results. Prioritize and then delegate. 
  3. Teamwork and Delegation.  You are no longer on your own. It is your responsibility to build a team united by common goals and a sense of purpose.
You have a team to lead.