How to Conduct Your Own Stakeholder Analysis

As a new manager, when you are in charge of a project—be it the creation of your own new team or an organization-wide change initiative—you know that proper planning at the outset is key to success.

There are lots of software programs that can help you set up the milestones and delivery schedules. But, according to new supervisor and new manager training experts, perhaps even more important to the final project success is a clear understanding of who supports your project and who needs to be won over. In other words, you need to identify the stakeholders and their interrelationships.

To succeed, first conduct a stakeholder analysis…not just in your mind but on paper. Sit down and draw a map of all the people who need to be informed and involved. Color champions green, detractors red and neutrals yellow. Draw lines of influence and large circles around groups that work together. The resulting diagram will give you guidelines about where you need to invest your time to garner critical support.