To Succeed as a New Manager - Shorten Your List

Congratulations on your new job! You have received a well-deserved promotion and are eager to get started. You have so many ideas to try out and plans to execute. But a word of caution from new supervisor and new manager training experts…shorten your list.

As much as you want to impress your new boss and prove that you can handle the new responsibilities, don’t make too many promises.

It is far better to identify what matters most while understating what you hope to accomplish than to list more than is realistically possible or necessary.

Even if you plan well and feel that your objectives are within reason, you cannot predict what obstacles there may be.
  • What if you lose key team members?
  • What if your budget is pared?
  • What if the executives are not as excited about your proposed plans as you are?
Any one or all of these problems could arise. Be targeted and conservative in what you promise. Then if you go above and beyond, you will be seen as a successful new leader.