3 Tips to Handle Your Emotions with Skill

Emotions are not just present in your personal life. They invade your work space too. Whether you feel anxious, angry or sad, you need to find a way to handle your emotions so that your work (and your image as a leader) does not suffer.

New supervisor and new manager training typically deals with all the skills you need to stay on top of your work load and in touch with your employees. But this training often neglects to talk about how to manage your feelings. What you want to develop is the ability to recognize and manage your emotions in a productive way.
  1. Be mindful of any triggers that hijack your thoughts and keep you from having an open mind.
  2. Naming your thoughts and emotions gives you power over them. When you are scared about an upcoming performance review, for instance, admit it to yourself and understand the reason for your anxiety.
  3. Once you admit the feeling, accept it. Only then can you act upon it. In this example, you can prepare a list of all you have accomplished during the review period.