How the Best New Managers Take Risks

The best managers and leaders are daring. They recognize painful situations, assess what needs to happen to shift from pain to gain, and are bold enough to make the risky move.

New manager training often errs on recommending too safe an approach…hold on to the status quo because that is what you know. New managers may be loath to make too much of a splash at the beginning…but they should be ready to make bold decisions when it is clearly critical for the future health of their team or their organization.

The challenge is learning how to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Managing well requires flexibility. You need to be light on your feet. You need to be able to change your behavior when the situation demands it. Rather than wait for the roof to fall in and react in panic, look to the future, anticipate change, and proactively shape it.

Thoughtful analysis is important but can produce a kind of paralysis. Sometimes action is required and this takes courage.