Do Not Mistake Mentoring as a “Charitable” Exercise

New managers need to stop thinking about mentoring as the charitable act of a superhero and find the time to build it into their regular routine.  As a new manager, your success is no longer dependent upon your personal expertise or results.  Your success is dependent upon the success of your team.

Helping others to succeed helps you to succeed.  It is expected of you as a new leader to develop other new leaders.  Personal and performance coaching produces benefits (up to 4-to-1 according to our research) for both you and the employee you have chosen to mentor. Also, you never know when your direct report will turn into the next successful entrepreneur and call upon you with gratitude (and a piece of the pie) for your expertise.

New manager training experts laud mentoring as one of the most efficient and effective ways for new managers to develop themselves while helping their teams to perform. Here is how to do it right…

  • Be selective. Choose the best and the brightest and those with the highest potential to mentor. They are the ones who will benefit the most and have the greatest impact on you and the organization.
  • Be accessible. Make yourself available to hear of any new successes or challenges in a way that invites open, innovative and fruitful discussions.
  • Be spontaneous. Do not save your mentoring just for weekly 1x1 meetings. Pop your head in and mentor as you manage…whenever there is an opportunity to share your experience.
  • Be a host. Set up a social gathering (a leisurely lunch out or dinner at your home) so that you get to know your mentee on a personal basis.