Try a Task Map to Increase Team Performance

As a manager, it is your ongoing challenge to keep your team operating at peak performance. If you find that the group is not performing up to your expectations, new manager training experts recommend that you try mapping the team’s tasks in a way that can optimize individual talents and skills.

This is how it works:
  1. First you need to get a picture of individual team members’ skills. Use assessments and/or their accomplishments to learn where they naturally excel.
  2. Look for overlaps and gaps. In order to make the most efficient and effective use of your team’s abilities, you need to know who is better at analytical tasks, who can handle larger scale projects and who has a talent for big picture thinking.
  3. List the major responsibilities of your team and connect the dots. You may find that the tasks and talents of your team are misaligned. The task map can help you reassign responsibilities in a way that takes advantage of team members’ natural skills and interests.