4 Smart Tips to Manage Up More Effectively

New managers are naturally very much focused on managing their new employees effectively. This is appropriate. But new manager training teaches that it is important to manage in the other direction too. Being able to work well with your own boss is another measure of your success and can make a huge difference in the opportunities for advancement that come your way.

Here are four tips on how to manage up:
  1. Flex to your boss’ style. Just as you adapt to your followers’ styles to communicate more effectively, you should adapt to the style your boss prefers…detailed reports for some, broad-brush reports for others.
  2. Be your own advocate. This is not the time to blend into the background. Be visible every time you and your team find ways to support your boss or the organization.
  3. Bring value. To attract positive attention, work on thinking big and sharing ideas on a strategic, not just a tactical, level.  Discuss implications and options, not problems and concerns.
  4. Facilitate communication from the level above. You know your team best. When there are changes to be made, help your boss deliver the message in a way that engages your team in a positive way.