A Common Trap for New Managers

Most new managers start out their tenure wanting to be liked. This is fine as long as they don’t sacrifice performance standards for the sake of being considered nice.

It is all too easy to overlook a late arrival to your meeting or an email with too many typos…especially at first. And yet, new manager training will tell you, it is exactly at the beginning when you need to establish the performance standards for the work you expect from your team. Of course, the late arrival may have a legitimate excuse but you should make the point that on-time meetings matter. If the team arrives promptly, you, too, will respect the schedule and end the meeting on time. As for the typos, set up the standard of required review of any written communication, internal or external, that leaves a work station. Your company reputation is at stake.

And do not overlook more serious breaches. Never keep a poor performer on board if they are not showing signs of improvement. Be kind but firm and help them find a situation where they can succeed.

Earn the respect of your team by being fair and consistent. Being liked may be an added benefit.

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