New Manager 101 - Involve Your Boss Early in Your Planning

You are fresh from your new manager training and eager to prove what you have learned. As tempting as it may be to present your boss with a fully-fleshed out plan for your next big project, this may not be the best way to get their input and support.

If you truly want to impress your leaders and benefit from their experience and advice, get them involved early…during rather than after you put together your strategy.

Use the following 5-step process to increase the chances of their complete and enthusiastic buy-in:

    1. Ask if your leaders agree with the way you have framed the situation.
    2. Draft possible solutions and invite their comments. Be sure you have not overlooked anything important to them or to the success of the project.
    3. Analyze your plan and its components in detail to identify problems or pitfalls beforehand.
    4. Present your leaders with a clear proposal of what you think will and will not work and why.
    5. Act upon their recommendations and ask them how they would like to be kept in the loop.
The renowned management consultant W. Edward Deming understood that waiting to inspect outputs at the end of the production line is the least effective way to improve quality. Check in at the start and throughout your planning process so you work as productively as possible.

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