How to Unlock the Skills a New Manager Needs for Success

A key labeled "New Skills" is inserted into a keyhole to illustrate that new managers need new skills through new manager training

Too many new managers are ill-prepared for their new role. They have been selected for promotion because they excelled as individual contributors. But their past experience on the job gives no clue as to how they will perform as a people manager.

They will face the challenges of motivating team members, dealing with co-workers’ issues, finding the resources the team needs to achieve its goals, and handling performance reviews, to name just a few. It matters that they do it right because their ability to manage well has a huge impact on employee engagement and business success.

Make sure you do all you can to set your new managers up to succeed by:

  1. Providing quality new manager training so they understand how to take care of their people by setting clear expectations, communicating frequently and holding all accountable.  The training should be based upon the critical few new manager scenarios and skills that matter most for your unique business strategy and organizational culture.  For example if business goals and targets are effectively cascaded from the top of the organization, the skill of goal setting may not be as important as the skills of planning, organizing, monitoring and supporting.
  2. Finding a mentor who is committed to guide and coach them through the pitfalls of new management so they gain the knowledge, experience and confidence they need to eventually go it alone.  Getting consistent and constructive feedback is a sure way to raise performance and engagement.
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