The Top 5 Key Behaviors for Success as a New Manager

Congratulations! Someone thinks you have what it takes to be a good manager. Accept that they knew what they were doing when they promoted you.  Then make sure you adopt these 5 key behaviors for success.

  1. Keep an open mind and add a dash of humility.Regardless of the confidence others may have in you, you have lots to learn. Listen to your team mates and ask for feedback. Pretending to know more than you do will undermine trust. Be authentic and respect the skills and knowledge of others and what they can teach you.
  2. Get to know the individuals on your team.This is the only way to understand what makes them tick, where they excel, and what they most like to do. Only then can you effectively manage, develop, engage and retain them.
  3. Stay in close touch with your boss.Remember that it is your job ultimately to help your own boss succeed. Look to them for help and guidance and keep them posted on what’s going on with your group.
  4. Assume responsibility to solve team problems and meet team goals.Now that you are manager, you are in charge of how well the team works together. Stay on top of problems as they arise before they get too big to handle. And when things go awry, take on the blame and cover for your folks. You will gain their loyalty.
  5. Remember the power of humor and camaraderie.Make the “work” enjoyable. Celebrate successes and know how and when to take a break. Too serious all the time and work becomes drudgery.