New Manager: You May Be Closer Than You Think

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Maybe you are not as far from management as you think!

If you are a visibly contributing member to a high performance team, you likely have already adopted some of the traits that good leaders personify. You may need help in developing some important management skills such as strategic thinking, delegating tasks, working with a budget, and effective performance management, but you should be able to pick those up in a proven new manager training program. Assuming your relationships on your team were positive, here are the management skills you may already have mastered through your experience in working with a multi-faceted, cross-functional high performing team.

People skills
Many people come by these people skills naturally and are unaware that they have them. Yet these are the skills that will be most critical to your success as you take on the role of a new manager. You need to know how to:

Communicate effectively with all types of employees and be able to adapt your style to theirs
Establish a performance environment where questions are welcome, new ideas openly discussed and issues are raised without worry of repercussion
Build relationships that are founded upon mutual trust and respect
Be accountable for what you say you will do
Show appreciation to others in a meaningful way for extra effort in times of stress or for a job well done
Give timely and constructive feedback with the intent of helping the recipient improve
Receive feedback and put it to good use as you, yourself,  seek to continuously improve
Deal fairly in all your team interactions
Have empathy for employees who are struggling and offer the support they need
Rally the troops when times are tough

That’s a long list! But if you have been consistently successful in your team relationships, you probably can check off many of the above new supervisor traits. The best new leaders often exhibit the best people skills. If you have been a valued and respected team player because you know how to work well with others, you are closer than you think to becoming a successful new manager.

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