How Better Bosses Get Better Results

You don’t have to be the most loved boss but you certainly don’t want to be the most hated.

The boss from hell not only creates a toxic environment but also will never reap the maximum work results from their team.

Here are a few behaviors from management training programs to avoid if you want to maintain a positive relationship with your team members:

  • Don’t skip out in the middle of discussions – even if you are over-scheduled and in a hurry.  Give your team members your full attention and at least let them complete their sentences before you interrupt. If you really have to cut it short, apologize and schedule a follow-up…soon.
  • Don’t rob your team of the chance to develop new (and perhaps better) ideas by being overly judgmental. Give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and encourage an open sharing of ideas without jumping in or throwing water on their idea.
  • Don’t be caught being nice to some and mean to others. This makes the entire team wary of your behavior and unable to predict what drives your moods…hardly the collaborative atmosphere that enhances productivity.