When Does Leadership Begin? Start Acting Like One.

Are leaders simply born or do they develop leadership abilities over time?

New manager training authorities claim that leaders grow into their role…a little at a time. It is a learning experience that can begin at any point in one’s life. The bottom line is that if you want to be a leader, start acting like one.

  • Don’t shrink from opportunities to lead. Opportunities can occur in both your professional and personal life. Volunteer organizations are clamoring for leaders who are willing to step up to the challenge. Test your wings at leading a small group at first…either at home or at work. 
  • Observe the behaviors of leaders you admire. Pay attention to the way they communicate and the way they act. Take note of how they work with their peers and with their followers. Learn from their examples and model your own behavior after them.
  • Increase your visibility. In order to be perceived as a potential leader, you need to be noticed for your management abilities. Share your thoughts in meetings, propose solutions to the problems your team faces, and support your boss’ success.