Take the Temperature of Key Relationships to Improve as a New Manager

Think about it…would you rather follow someone you like and feel warmly toward or someone who treats you with cold disdain? New manager training authorities fairly safely contend that the warmer the feeling, the more likely one is to trust and invest in the relationship.

If you agree and look toward becoming a better leader, you would be wise to “warm up” the way others perceive you. Here are some ways to show you have the potential to build trust and to lead:

  • By your demeanor. Do you greet people with a friendly smile and genuinely care about them? Do you modulate your tone of voice so that you are seen not as a braggart but as an honest, forthright person?
  • By your intentions. Do you follow through on offers of help or support? Empty promises sabotage any attempts to build relationships.
  • By your ability to listen and understand. It is not all about you; rather solid relationships are balanced. Listen and learn about the concerns your colleagues have. This is the way to demonstrate empathy for others.