New Manager 101 - Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

With your new job comes a new boss. How much do you know about this boss and what they care about?

If you know very little, new supervisor and new manager training experts recommend that you dig into their history with the company…and fast. Until you know what matters most to your boss, you risk taking a misstep and ruining your new relationship.  At a minimum, find out:

1.     What your boss has accomplished at the organization?
2.     What decisions are they most proud of?
3.     Who has helped them along the way?
4.     Who have they promoted and on whom do they rely for support?
5.     How is their success measured?
6.     Who do they report to?
7.     What are their career aspirations?

Rather than simply announce your plans for change in your eagerness to impress, it is better to test the waters first. Discuss what you are hoping to accomplish and then tune into your boss’ reaction to your ideas. You certainly don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you. It is your job to make your boss look good and earn their trust and respect.