Duh! Trust Matters in the Workplace

Of course, trust matters in the workplace.

Stephen Covey, a client back in the late 90’s, defined trust at work as the combination of character and competence.  This always made sense to me.  If you really like a co-worker, but they are not skilled at their job, you do not trust them at work.  Alternatively, if your co-worker is an expert in their area but does not act with integrity, you do not trust them either.

If you cannot trust your peers or your managers, how can you expect operate successfully within the work environment? You need to know that people will do what they say they will do, that they are not out to sabotage you, and that they have your interests as well as theirs at heart. What can you do to build trust?

In addition to doing what you say you will do, new manager training experts have the following tips:

  • Find common ground.  Whether it is discovering that you share team goals or that you both coach soccer teams, get to know your team mates on an individual basis. With like interests, you can establish a more personal and mutually rewarding relationship.
  • Be generous with both your time and your resources.  Find the time to listen well to your colleagues and be ready to help support them with either helpful advice or a helping hand.