2 Things New Managers Need to Know About Delegation in Order to Survive

You feel totally swamped as a new manager. You are juggling at 100 miles per hour. There is so much to do and so little time.

But wait a minute…remember what you learned in your new manager training. You are no longer on your own as an individual contributor…you have a team that is dedicated to achieving goals together. All you need is to intelligently delegate some of your tasks.

Here is how to delegate like a pro:

    1. Choose a job that a team member can handle easily. It could be a small part of a large project like tracking customer interactions in the midst of a customer satisfaction initiative. This will give you a chance to give your employee some interdepartmental visibility and to see how well they handle added responsibility. Be sure you set clear expectations and are available to answer any questions they have as they begin.
    2. Delegate a task that requires some training or experience. Most employees welcome an opportunity to develop their skills and to show off their talents. Not only will you increase their motivation but others on the team will look forward to growing too.

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