3 Ways to Fill Those New Manager Big Shoes

Congratulations! You have achieved your career-to-date objective. You have been promoted to management. Now it will be up to you to prove that you deserve and can handle your role as manager.

You are prepared insofar as you have taken new manager training and understand what skills will be required to succeed. But there are a few more tips for success that you should add. To really capture the attention of your boss, think beyond your near-term goals.

Here are three ways to show those big shoes are a good fit.

  1. Meet with your bosses to set clear and tangible priorities based upon what matters most to them. Is it revenue? Costs? Productivity?

  2. Do not take on tasks that divert your attention away from these priorities. Delegate the less critical jobs to capable members of your team.

  3. Be sure you know what keeps your bosses up at night. Be mindful of their concerns and adopt a more strategic approach even as you go about your daily work.
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