Great New Manager Tip - How to Speed Up the Feedback Process

Often, managers don’t give feedback as often and as regularly as they should because they think it takes up too much precious time. While effective time management is critical, your success as a new leader now depends upon the success of others.  Managing expectations and providing feedback to your team is not the place to skimp.  

Here are three steps from new manager training on how to speed up the process and still give feedback effectively:

  1. Don’t overthink it.Jump right in with a simple phrase that gets your feedback recipient’s attention. Something like, “Are you open to some coaching…”
  2. Be straightforward and candid.Neither you nor the recipient is well served if you don’t get to the point right away and if you aren’t specific and direct. There is nothing to be gained by beating around the bush. Be honest. Be sincere in your intention to help. But don’t skirt the issue.
  3. Check for understanding.Make sure the recipient has understood the feedback. Ask them to paraphrase what you said. That way you will be sure the message has been received correctly and you will avoid having to repeat the same feedback again and perhaps even again.

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