Don’t Forget The “People Side” of Being a New Manager

Lots of new manager training focuses on the functions (or gears) of doing your job well. You learn about the importance of gathering information on your new team’s budget, operations, problems, personnel qualifications and job descriptions, organization structure and compliance regulations. 

All this matters of course. But what is more likely to set the tone of your management and influence the receptivity of your team to the new regime is how you connect as a new manager on the “people side” of the balance.

Your first session with your team should reflect your personality and management style. Affirm your commitment to meet individually with team members so you can learn about what’s important to them as well as test some of your ideas for improvement.  Listen more than tell. This is your opportunity to let your team know that you value open communication.

Hold meetings regularly as you and the team develop a plan for the future. And stay visible…both to your team members and to your customers. To truly succeed as a new manager, this is time well spent. It is the only way to develop trusting relationships and understand what motivates the individuals on your team as well as the team as a whole.

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