The Unmistakable Value of the One-On-One Meetings for Managers

Don’t we all complain about too many meetings taking up too much time? New managers especially seem to have more meetings on their agenda than they can attend. And with so much to learn in their new position, it is tempting to cancel those one-on-ones with their individual team members. But this is a huge mistake.

New manager training experts stress the value of those regular meetings. Regular meetings with your direct reports:

1.     Reduce mistakes and maintain productivity. If your direct reports are not clear on goals, roles and priorities or do not have an opportunity to ask questions about how to proceed, they are likely to waste time, work on the wrong project or make mistakes…all of which require backtracking and decrease performance.

2.     Keep a schedule in place that works. If your employees cannot count on meeting with you regularly, they will find ways to reach you in the midst of your other tasks. This could be very disruptive and distracting and ultimately a waste of your time and theirs.

3.     Encourage accountability. When there are predictable meetings with a predictable agenda, both you and your reports are accountable for meeting preparation and for using the time effectively.

4.     Allow visibility into what is working well and what is not. With regular sessions in place, you have an opportunity to establish a trusting relationship that will provide consistent insight into the performance and engagement of the individual and the overall team.

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