When It’s Better for a New Manager to Leave than to Stay

New manager training is mostly about how to deal with those who report to you. But new managers also need to deal with those above them. They have bosses too…some better than others.

One kind of boss that can really stifle your career growth is the boss without a spine, the one who does not have the courage to speak up when they see a superior about to make a bad decision. Not only should you not be that kind of new manager, but you should make sure that your new boss is not that kind of leader.  Know that ultimately, their bad policy will reflect on you and your team, not to mention the business.

Anyone in a supervisorial position should, above all, have integrity. That includes what it takes to speak the truth both upward and downward. Be straightforward with your direct reports as well as with those you report to. You may lose a battle or two but you will win the war. You will earn the respect and trust of co-workers and, worst case, you leave the untenable situation with your self-respect intact.

As a new manager, be ready to make the tough choices that you know are the right choices…even if it means you walk out the door.

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